Mount Parnassus – in ancient times was known as the home of the Muses, the emissaries of literature, the sciences, and the arts.

Executive Director

Salvete! Welcome to Parnassus Preparatory School!

As the Executive Director of Parnassus, I am committed to advancing our school’s critical mission on behalf of all students. We have established a standard for excellence at Parnassus Preparatory School and will continue to ask our students to work to their fullest potential to achieve personal and academic excellence. As a classical school, we seek to nurture a sense of intellectual wonder and a need for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. We invite our emerging scholars to take on the adventure of a lifetime—to climb that metaphorical Mount Parnassus towards wisdom and virtue. Scaling this mountain will require a high level of preparation, knowledge, care, and commitment, but our staff is devoted to leading our students to the summit. We know that the small steps and giant leaps they will take on this journey will benefit them now and in the future as it prepares them for the challenges and triumphs in life.

Ms. Constance Ford
Executive Director

Ms. Ford’s Biography

Ms. Ford is the current and founding Executive Director of Parnassus Preparatory School. Under her leadership, Parnassus has tripled its enrollment; expanded to include all levels of the Schools of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric; and completed an extensive $27 million building project to give us the beautiful 147,000 square-foot campus we have today.

As a pioneer in the charter school movement for twenty years, Ms. Ford was a founder of the first classical charter schools in our neighboring state of Wisconsin and one of the first charter schools in her region. Under her leadership, the school grew to full capacity with students in grades K-8 with a large waiting list in the hundreds each year from its inception in the 1990s. During her tenure, the school was one of the top charter schools in Wisconsin based on academic performance, low staff and student attrition, and high overall standards. Additionally, Ms. Ford served on an advisory committee that reviewed new charter school applications and charter application renewals for over sixteen schools.

Ms. Ford holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History from Lawrence University and a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.


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