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School of Grammar


Prima Website

Ms. Almquist– Prima Teacher
Mr. Anderson – Prima Teacher
Ms. Herbst – Prima Teacher
Ms. Peterson – Prima Teacher
Ms. Nelson – Prima Teacher

First Level Grammar

1G Website

Ms. Beebe – 1G Teacher
Ms. Igoe – 1G Teacher
Ms. Jerman – 1G Teacher
Ms. Shequin – 1G Teacher
Ms. Zebro – 1G Teacher

Second Level Grammar

2G Website

Mr. Barrett – 2G Teacher
Ms. Edstrom – 2G Teacher
Ms. Haben – 2G Teacher
Ms. Kelly – 2G Teacher

Third Level Grammar

3G Website

Ms. Bohlke – 3G Teacher
Ms. Hasner – 3G Teacher
Ms. Miller – 3G Teacher
Mr. Strand – 3G Teacher

Fourth Level Grammar

4G Website

Mr. Cord – 4G Teacher
Ms. Smith– 4G Teacher
Ms. Lundberg – 4G Teacher
Mr. VanBlaricom – 4G Teacher

SOG  Geography & Languages


Ms. Anderson– Prima – 1G Geography Teacher


Señora Salmonson– Prima – 2G Spanish Teacher
Señor Murphy – 3G- 1L Spanish Teacher


Magistra Hulzebos – SOG Latin Teacher (3G – 1L)

Schools of Logic & Rhetoric

Magister Bagwell – Philosophy, History, Latin
Magistra Browers – Science
Magistra Byrne – History/Geography
Magister Dechert – Latin & Greek
Magistra Dembsky – Biology & Environmental Sciences
Magistra Elwell – Science Lab
Magister Feicht – Latin
Señor Ford – Spanish
Magister Hamiel – Math
Magister Hauge – Math
Magister Hill – Latin
Magistra Hulzebos – Latin
Dr. Jameson – History
Magistra Jones – History
Magistra Magoon – English
Magister Mathews – English
Magister Mattsson – Chemistry
Magistra Medcalf – Math
Señor Murphy – Spanish
Magister Norton – English & Rhetoric
Magistra Olson – Math
Señor Ormberg – Spanish
Señora Reyes – Spanish
Magistra Rossi – English
Magister Sage – Math
Magister Singh – Science
Magister Sutton – English
Magistra Swanson – Science
Magister Thomas – Math
Magister Thompson – History/Geography
Magistra Towell – English & Rhetoric
Magistra Trauba– History
Magister Veach – Latin
Señora Weiland – Spanish
Magistra West – English

Arts & Physical Education

Art Department

– Art History & Visual Arts
Ms. Rose – SOG Art Teacher
Magister Zachman– Visual Arts

Music Department

Dr. Dean – Orchestra & General Music
Magistra Erickson – Choir & General Music
Magistra Gottwalt – General Music
Magistra Neimeyer – Band & General Music

Physical Education Department

Magister Beck– Physical Education Teacher
Magister Cole – Physical Education Teacher

Student Support

Ms. Stafford
Special Education Director
504 Coordinator

Ms. Holloway
School Social Worker

Ms. Baker
Special Education Teacher

Magistra Camarillo
Special Education Teacher

Magister Keil
Special Education Teacher

Mr. Moua
Special Education Teacher

Ms. Young
Special Education Teacher

Mr. Skaug
Interventions Coordinator

Mr. Langseth
Academic & Behavioral Interventionist

Ms. Simonelli
SOG Interventionist Teacher

Ms. Hardenbrook
SOL/SOR Interventionist English Teacher

Ms. Moua
EL Coordinator & SOG EL Teacher

Magistra Hays
SOL/SOR EL Teacher

Ms. Batiste
SOG Learning Specialist

Ms. Ulbrich
SOG Learning Specialist

Building Substitute Teachers

Dr. Addae

Mr. Boegel

Ms. Meadows-Singh

Mr. Schnitzler

Mr. Simonelli

Ms. VonDrasek


Ms. Acevedo

Ms. Ahlemeyer

Mr. Ciolkosz

Ms. DuPont

Mr. Dyer

Ms. Gaebler

Ms. Gooselaw

Ms. Hart

Ms. Helmeke

Ms. Holland

Mr. Hulzebos

Ms. Sadr-Panah

Ms. Scheidegger

Ms. Scholl

Ms. Sok

Ms. Staye

Ms. Therrien




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