School Directory

Faculty & Staff Directory 2017-2018



College Advising


Prima Website

Ms. Cubas – Prima Teacher
Ms. Jugasek – Prima Teacher
Ms. Nelson – Prima Teacher
Ms. Igoe – Prima Teacher
Ms. Ronnei – Prima Teacher


First Level Grammar

1G Website

Ms. Haben – 1G Teacher
Ms. Jerman – 1G Teacher
Ms. Shequin – 1G Teacher
Mr. Strand – 1G Teacher


Second Level Grammar

2G Website

Ms. Edstrom – 2G Teacher
Ms. Hanson – 2G Teacher
Ms. Kelly – 2G Teacher
Ms. Lundberg – 2G Teacher


Third Level Grammar

3G Website

Ms. Bluemke – 3G Teacher
Ms. Hasner – 3G Teacher
Ms. Miller – 3G Teacher
Ms. Stutzman – 3G Teacher


Fourth Level Grammar

4G Website

Mr. Hays – 4G Teacher
Ms. Koppenberg – 4G Teacher
Ms. Oie – 4G Teacher
Ms. Rose – 4G Teacher


SOG Languages, Physical Education, & Art

SOG Spanish – Website

Señor Murphy – 2G- 4G Spanish Teacher
Señora Whelan – Prima – 2G Spanish Teacher


SOG Latin – Website

Magister Fuelling – SOG Latin Teacher (Prima – 2G)
Magistra Hulzebos – SOG Latin Teacher (2G – 4G)


Ms. Olson – Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Cole – Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Reiersgord – Art Teacher


Schools of Logic & Rhetoric

Magister Bagwell – Latin
Magister Bennett – History/Geography
Magistra Brady – Biology & General Sciences
Ms. Browers – English & Science
Ms. Byrne – History/Geography
Magister Dechert – Latin
Señor Ford – Spanish
Magister Hamiel – Math
Magister Hansen – Latin
Mr. Hauge – Math & Logic
Ms. Klassen – Science
Magister Mathews – English
Magistra Medcalf – Math
Mr. Meaney – English
Magistra Morgan – Chemistry & General Sciences.
Magistra Prince – Rhetoric and History/Geography
Magister Sage – Math
Señora Serrano – Spanish
Ms. Sharpe – English
Ms. Smith – Math, English, Science
Mr. Swanson – Logic & History
Magister Thomas – Math & Logic
Magister Thompson – History/Geography
Ms. Towell – English & Rhetoric
Ms. Trauba – English & History/Geography
Ms. Vemuri – Math,Science, History/Geography
Señora Weiland – Spanish



Art Department

Magistra Arzayus – Visual Arts


Music Department

Magistra Neimayer – Band & General Music
Magister Sood – Choir & General Music
Magistra O’Laughlin – Orchestra & General Music


Physical Education Department

Ms. Olson – Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Cole – Physical Education Teacher


Student Support

Principal Omberg
Special Education Director

Ms. Stafford
Special Education Coordinator
504 Coordinator

Ms. Sjodin
SOG Special Education Teacher

Mr. Teeter
SOL/SOR Special Education Teacher

Ms. Penn
SOG Learning Specialist

Mr. Radeke
Student Support Specialist

Ms. Kettler
Speech/Language Clinician

Mr. Keil
SOG Special Education Teacher

Mr. Langseth
SOL/SOR Special Education Teacher

Ms. Lee
EL Teacher

Ms. Ulbrich
SOG Learning Specialist

Ms. Tebben
Speech/Language Clinician

Ms. Lehman
Speech/Language Clinician




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